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Predator Logo BW Predator P3LE Cognac
Limited - only 250 pc ever made.
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Limited edition SA Model 2014!!
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House & Jump/Break Cues

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Wempi Wempi Wetipo, SH MH
Ketua Umum PB POBSI 2014-2018, terpilih pada Munas POBSI di Papua. (...baca lengkapnya)
Asian Games 2018 The 2018 Asian Games will be the 18th staging of the regional, multi-sport event to be hosted by Indonesia. (baca lengkapnya)

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Company's History :
It's all started in mid 70's as a small home industry. The founder, Mr. Johannes Amin, setup the first shop and also a home factory in Jalan Batutulis X, no. 11A, central Jakarta.
The shop was named "Washington Billiard Supply", which until today is still exist and keeps on serving many saftisfied customers.

icon growth Company's Growth :
The 2nd office was opened in 14 September 1989, and named "ISAK Billiard Company". ISAK Billiard Company, the successor of Washington Billiard Supply, was founded by 4 of Johannes Amin's children.
ISAK is an abbreviation of 4 names : I=Indra; S=Santoso; A=Afianty; K=Kurniawaty.
Surabaya office was then opened in 1995 to serve Surabaya, East Java and larger billiard community.
icon mission Our Mission :
To be the leading manufacturer and distributor of billiard products in Indonesia.
icon vision

Our Vision :
To maintain and strengthen domestic market leadership in Indonesia, to establish relationship and achieve recognition in the global market.

icon strength Company's Strength :
ISAK Billiard always work hard to search and develop products-&-services that would satisfy every individual billiard needs. We strive to provide you an excellent service.
 - continuos product improvements
 - continuous research study of all billiard needs
 - We don't stop improving until you are happy.
 - We don't smile until you smiled.
icon partner Worldwide Partnership :
Throughout the years, ISAK Billiard Co. has established relationship with many companies around the world, and work closely together to satisfy the billiard world.
ISAK Billiard is the sole agent for the following products for all Indonesian Community :
 - Predator Cues
 - Mezz Cues
 - Poison Cues
 - Drakan Cues
 - Fury Cues
 - Medici Cues
 - Efren Bata Reyes Cues
 - Nexus Cues
 - Cuetec Cues
 - Gino Ferrari Cues
 - Murrey Cues
 - Iwan Simonis Cloth
 - CPBA Cloth
 - Strickland Cloth
 - Murrey Cloth
 - Hawkeye Cloth
 - Predator Cases
 - Mezz Cases
 - Poison Cases
 - Wildcats Cases
 - Fury Cases
 - Murrey Cases
 - Hirano Japan's Layer Tips
 - Zan Japan's Layer Tips
 - Predator Victory Tips
 - Predator Performance Chalks
 - Murrey Billiard Tables
 - Shender Snooker Tables
 - Aramith Billiard Balls


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